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Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Try on the product and let us know if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase within 7 days after receipt. You can either return or exchange the product with 7 simple steps below.

  1. Contact us through WhatApp +62 813-3450-3450 or you can email us at to speak to our customer service team.

    Return 1
  2. Send the unboxing video, the product detail photos, and the order number that can be found on Orders - Shipped on the app/website. Please mention the reason for returning or exchanging the product.

    Return 2
  3. When your return or exchange has been approved, customer service will inform you of the Return ID and the address to ship the product back to us.

    Return 3
  4. Prepare and pack the product into its original packaging, unworn, with tags and labels still attached.

    Return 4
  5. To ensure a smooth and speedy return and exchange process, write the Return ID and the address on the outside layer of the package (not on the original packaging of the product if it comes with any).

    Return 5
  6. Send the product back to us using your preferred delivery courier and inform us of the tracking number once the package has been shipped.

    Return 6
  7. We will ship the replacement product (for exchanges) or proceed with the refund via Saldo Forth (for returns) within 24 hours after we receive the product.

Return and exchange terms and conditions

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can easily have your product returned or exchanged. For return and exchange procedures, click here.

General return and exchange terms and conditions:

  1. Unboxing video and product detail photos must be sent to our customer service when requesting a refund or exchange.
  2. You can request a return or exchange within 7 days after you receive the product.
  3. Product returned or exchanged must be unworn with its tags or labels still attached. Original packaging, such as box and dust bags, must also be sent back.
  4. Product will be inspected by our quality control within 24 hours after we receive it.
  5. Product returned to us must be the exact same product that you purchased from us.
  6. Products that do not meet our return and exchange policy will be sent back to you.
  7. Exchange and return is free of charge and can only be done once.
  8. Products on sale cannot be exchanged or returned.

Exchange terms and conditions:

  1. The price of the replacement product must be at least the same as the returned product.
  2. Refunds will be credited to your Saldo Forth as store credit to pay for the replacement product.
  3. The replacement product can be purchased separately via app/website and paid with your Saldo Forth to which your refund has been credited.
  4. Once the replacement product has been shipped, you can track and check its latest status on the app/website by clicking on Orders - Shipped.

Return terms and conditions:

  1. If you are not interested in a replacement, refund will be processed within 48 hours of receipt of the returned product.
  2. Refunds will be credited to your Saldo Forth as store credit to purchase a new product separately or withdrawn as cash.

Refunds to Saldo Forth

Refunds will be credited to Saldo Forth, a feature on the app where refunds and cashbacks are stored, within 24 hours after we receive the returned products. You can use Saldo Forth to pay for your future’s orders or to be withdrawn as cash to your preferred bank account.

To withdraw your refund from Saldo Forth, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Open FashionForth’s app and click on Profile.
  2. Click Saldo Forth to withdraw or to see your transaction history involving Saldo Forth.
  3. Click Withdraw for a cash withdrawal.
  4. Input the amount of Saldo Forth you wish to withdraw, name of bank, bank account number, and name of beneficiary.
    Tip: You can only withdraw your Saldo Forth that comes from refunds. Saldo Forth from cashbacks cannot be withdrawn as cash and can only be used as store credit to shop.
  5. All withdrawal requests will be processed by FashionForth within 24 hours after request is received.

What is Saldo Forth?

    We have a feature called Saldo Forth that can be found on Profile on the app. Saldo Forth is an accumulation of your store credit that comes from refunds and cashbacks. This store credit in your Saldo Forth can be used to pay when you checkout on the app or website of FashionForth.

  1. Saldo Forth is a feature with funds (or store credit) that you have that come from cashbacks when you shop, refunds from returned products, or commission from the Referral Program.

    Saldo 1
  2. Saldo Forth can be used to pay during checkout on the app or website.

    Saldo 2
  3. Saldo Forth will make it easier for you to see your past cashbacks that you acquire each time you shop at FashionForth.

    Saldo 3
  4. Refunds from returned products will also be credited to Saldo Forth.

    Saldo 4
  5. You can only withdraw Saldo Forth that comes from refunds. To see how to withdraw Saldo Forth as cash, click here.

    Saldo 5


Cashback is our way of saying thank you for shopping at FashionForth. You can get 1% cashback on each of your purchases at FashionForth. With the cashback feature on the app, you can see cashbacks you accumulate from past purchases that you can use again to shop at FashionForth in the future.

How to get cashback:

  1. Shop FashionForth’s collection here.

    Note: Cashbacks are not eligible on products on sale.

  2. After payment, your cashback will automatically appear on your app. You can see your cashback on the app by clicking on Profile - This month’s cashback (?).
  3. This month’s cashback will be credited to your Saldo Forth on the 15th of the next month.
  4. Once cashback has been credited to Saldo Forth, you can use it to pay for your next items.

How to use cashback:

  1. Open FashionForth’s app and choose Profile.
  2. Click on Saldo Forth to see whether your cashback has been credited or not. If you see your cashback on Saldo Forth, you can already use it to pay for your next order.
  3. Cashback from this month’s purchase will appear on This month’s cashback but it cannot be used until it is credited to your Saldo Forth on the 15th of the next month. For example, if you purchase something on 25 September, you will see your cashback accumulate on This month’s cashback. But it cannot be used until it is credited to your Saldo Forth on 15 October.
  4. During checkout, activate Saldo Forth toggle to use up your store credit on your Saldo Forth.